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Triple the learning, triple the fun!

Posted in: Blog | December 12, 2020

Welcome to a new academic year here at Tiny Toes. Those of you who are new to us will be giving your child the best possible start to their educational journey. Those of you who are established at Tiny Toes will already know how good we are!

The majority of settings will, of course, have an outdoor learning area. Here, at Tiny Toes, we have two! Our baby area allows the babies to explore the outdoor environment in a safe and exciting way. They can crawl, walk, run and climb, or simply sit on the grass, enjoying the weather!

For the older children, we provide an amazing choice of activities. We have a covered area which allows us to be outdoors, even in the rain, (or snow!). In this area we can enjoy craft activities, literacy or numeracy, story time or simply sit around the tables for a chat!

There are lots of ride-on and push-along toys available in our outdoor areas, as well as sand and water, and a mud kitchen. The children are challenged (and challenge themselves) to develop fine, and gross motor skills and physical skills, as well as increasing self-confidence and self-awareness and of course, grass provides the perfect place for picnics.

So, we have two brilliant outdoor areas – that makes us good, but what makes us great? Well, we also have a purpose built, air conditioned, very large soft play area! The ‘Ball pool’, as it is known to the children, is a large room with padded walls and floors. The children love the ball-pool area, and all of the soft play resources. There is also a beautiful ‘Wendy house’, and a variety of soft toys completes the room. The children can climb, run, jump, roll (and rock!) in total safety. They love the opportunity to burn off energy, and practice so many vulnerable skills, when the weather is so bad, it defeats even us!

So, three designated physical development areas! How fortunate are we? These combined with the great staff, make Tiny Toes the best possible start!