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Tiny Toes Weekly Highlight

Posted in: News | July 6, 2020

This video showcases a small range of activities that the children do while at nursery. We have a plethora of resources that the staff use daily, to create amazing sensory activities for the children. The staff come up with creative ways for the children to use everyday objects and incorporate it into their craft work. Expressive arts & design is a real focus us, at we believe that the children really thrive and develop new skills by engaging in sensory play. By using a variety of different materials and methods, it keeps the children continually engaged and stimulated so that they derive the maximum benefit from creative exploration – but most importantly they are learning through play and fun!

To keep parents informed about what their children have been doing during the week. We produce a Weekly Highlights video, for each group. These are comprised of small snapshots, both pictures and videos, of each child participating in sensory play, craft-work, baking lessons, and so much more. The videos are a fantastic insight into the children’s world at Tiny Toes.