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The importance of toilet training

Posted in: Blog | March 18, 2021

Richard Vaughn, writing in ‘The Independent ‘ in 2018, quotes Amanda Spielman, Ofsted Watchdog, as saying, ‘ …potty training needs to become more of a cooperative arrangement, as parents are becoming increasingly too busy to do the job themselves.’ She told Early Years Practitioners, that, ‘ Too many children turn up at their first day at school, unable to dress themselves, use cutlery correctly, or go to the toilet properly.’ In her speech at The Pre-School Alliance in London, she went on to say, ‘Being able to use a toilet is a simple, but necessary expectation of four year olds.’

A common misconception throughout the country, is that, ‘nursery will do those things for us.’
However, like everything else in an excellent nursery setting, parent partnership comes into play.

Here at TinyToes, we work hard to teach the children to become more independent and ‘school ready,’ by helping them to master those skills. We are extremely fortunate that we have an outstanding parent partnership, and we know our parents reinforce these teachings at home.

How do we know if our child is ready for toilet training? The NCT has issued guidelines on potty training. They suggest there are 5 signs a child is ready to begin. They do not need to exhibit all five signs at once!

If your child has dry nappies for at least one hour between changes, they are becoming able to ‘ hold it in.’
They may tell you they are in the process of having a wee or poo, showing an awareness of the physical act.
They may ask you to change a wet or soiled nappy. If they are becoming uncomfortable, they are definitely ready!
If they fidget, or go off somewhere quiet and squat, that’s a sign of awareness.
Finally, if they tell you they need to go, they are obviously ready!
It isn’t easy to fit in toilet training if you are working all week, which is were we step in. We will, in agreement with you, begin toilet training your child, when we, and you, feel they are ready. We would ask that you tell us if you are putting them back in nappies at the weekend, to make your limited time off easier. We don’t recommend you do this, as it sends mixed messages to the child, but we understand if you do, and will support you in trying to wean them off nappies at the weekend, and on holidays.

Finally, don’t worry too much about your child becoming toilet trained. Working together in our parent partnership, you, and TinyToes, will do our very best to help make the transition from nappy to toilet, pain-free, and successful.

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