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Card 1

To all at Tiny Toes, Lily has had a great time attending Tiny Toes and has made lots of new friends. From starting at 9 months old and now at 2 her development has been huge and a lot of the this is down to you guys. Joe and I would like to thank you guys. Joe and I would like to thank you and think you all do a great job. Lots of Love, Lily, Kate and Joe.

P.s What will Lily do without Jodie and her toast.



Card 2

To All the staff at Tiny Toes,

We would like to thank you all so much for looking after Liam. He has learnt so much since starting at Tiny Toes and is now more than ready to start school. Liam will miss all of the staff and children terribly.

Lots of Love, Liam, Sarah, Liam and Daisy.



Card 3

To All the staff at Tiny Toes, we just wanted to say thankyou all so much for the support you have given to Harrison and Alice over the last four years. You have given them the best start to their education and provided them with such wonderful and happy memories from their time at Tiny Toes. We are really sad to be coming to the end of an era and will miss you all.

Claire and Darren



Card 4

To Everyone at Tiny Toes

Thank you for looking after me and teaching me.

I have loved every minute of my time spent with you all.

I will miss you all but am looking forward to big school.

Lots of Love




Card 5

To All the staff at Tiny Toes, Thankyou.

Love Hannah

P.S. Hannah says the card is of Lydia playing a trick on Jamielee!



Card 6

To everyone at Tiny Toes,

Thank you to everyone who has looked after/put up with Harrison during his time here. Every carer has been fabulous and we appreciate your hard work and will miss you all. Love Harrison, Michelle and Jacob.



Card 7

To all the wonderful staff at Tiny Toes, thankyou for all the care and support you have given Isabelle in her first four years, we believe you have helped shape her in to a confident girl and due to this we feel she will excel in big school. As Isabelle often says Tiny Toes will always rule! We definitely made the right choice when we chose you! This is a sad day for Isabelle and us as parents, we wish you all the best for the future, its been a pleasure.

Thanks again

Isabelle, Julia and Oliver.



Card 8

To all the staff at Tiny Toes,

Just a note to everybody to say, Thank you very much for taking such good care of me. I’ve had a wonderful time here at Tiny Toes, and I will be sorry to leave you all. Thank you again Victoria.



Card 9

To all the staff at Tiny Toes, Thank you for making Tabitha’s time at Nursery enjoyable. She will miss you all very much. Love from Joanne, Alistar and Tabitha.



Card 10

To Jane, Jenny, Jamielee, and all the staff who have taken such good care of Tess from her 1st day as a little baby to her last day as a big girl. Tess has really enjoyed playing with you and her friends, learning new things and eating tasty food! I am quite sure Tiny Toess has contributed to both Reece and Tess growing into confident children. You were very patient with Reece and his unfolding issues. Thankyou for everything, see you in the holidays for holiday club!

Love Izzie and Nick

Dear all the lovely staff at Tiny Toes, Thank you for looking after me and letting me have lots and lots of fun. With lots of love Tessa x



Card 11

To everyone at Tiny Toes a big thank you for taking great care of me since I was 10 months old! I have learnt so much and have had so much fun along the way. Lots of Love Zac



Card 12

To all the staff at Tiny Toes, we are sorry Milly has to say goodbye, she is really going to miss everyone.

Thank you for all your care and effort with Milly over the years in preparing her for school. Milly, Jayne and Mat


Card 13

To all at Tiny Toes Nursery, Thankyou very much for having me and im sure I will see you over summer at Holiday Club, I’m really looking forward to it. Lots of Love Scarlet



Card 14

To all of you at Tiny Toes, thank you so much for making Tarkan’s time at nursery a happy and memorable experience. We will miss you all. Love Mary and Tarkan.



Card 15

To everyone at Tiny Toes, Thank you very much for looking after me and for helping me to have lots of fun at nursery. I have made some super friends and learnt lots too. I cannot wait to start at big school, but I will miss everyone here lots and lots. Love from Josh.



Card 16

To all the staff at Tiny Toes, thank you so much for the care you have provided for Hannah this year. You are a great team and it has been so easy to entrust our daughter with you.

Special Mentions…

Thankyou for the outstanding literacy preparation Hannah has received.

Thank you Jenny for your smiles on reception when we collected Hannah and your good advice.

Thank you Sinead for your positive approach at a ridiculously early time in the morning!

Thank you Jody for putting my cooking skills to shame and pandering to our daughters love of good food.

Thank you Carol for your warmth and calm, caring professionalism… and going the extra mile with the ‘shows’.

Thank you Jamielee for being a constant in Hannah’s life and for everything you have done for her, she is really going to miss you.

Thank you Franck for the sales pitch that persuaded us to bring Hannah to you! It was a great decision.

To every one I haven’t named, I’ve run out of space… but you are ALL WONDERFUL.

Love Ruth and Lee.



Card 17

To Jenny and all the staff at Tiny Toes,

Thank you all so much for making Williams time at Tiny Toes so enjoyable. Even from the first appointment and him being sick all over Jenny, we have loved coming to you. Hes always been involved and encouraged and its great to see such dedicated staff.

Best wishes for all of your futures

With love Rachael and Tony.



Card 18

To all the staff at Tiny Toes, we just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you’ve done for Abigail since she started. We can tell that she has loved every second and we’re sad for her to be leaving you.

You’ve been absolutely fantastic and we hope Abi will be back with you again soon.

Lots of love

Louise, Trevor and Abigail.



Childcare subsidy for 2, 3 and 4 year olds is available for either 15 or 30 hours per week over 38 weeks per year. At Tiny Toes we spread this subsidy £201.40 per month or £402.80 per month, over 12 months.