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Preparing for Big School

Posted in: Blog | March 25, 2021

Previously, we have looked at how we prepare the children here at Tiny Toes, to move groups. We also touched on some of the ways we prepare our preschool children for the move to primary school. This blog will focus on the transition from preschool to primary school.

At Tiny Toes, we pride ourselves on helping our children develop a sense of well-being. We actively work towards the development f their self-esteem, ability to relate well to others, to become competent and confident communicators, and to be efficient and independent individuals.

Our children feel safe at Tiny Toes. They take ownership of the setting, being reassured that this is ‘ their’ place. The biggest step they will soon be taking, will lead them from Tiny Toes to their new primary school. This is a very exciting time for them, for us, and for you!
Those of you who have already had children transition from Tiny Toes to reception class, will know exactly how well our children make this move. They are used to changing areas throughout the day, and that’s all transition is- a change.

As soon as you let us know which school your child is going to, we begin to compile a list of which children will be attending the same school. We then ensure they spend lots of time together, to cement friendship bonds before they move.

We use lots of role-play, acting out scenarios the children suggest, to help reassure them that things will be great during the next step in their education. Hopefully, your child’s future teacher will be able to visit them here, at Tiny Toes. If this is not possible, you will be given opportunities to visit the school(s).

We have a folder in preschool which contains photos of most of the school uniforms worn in the area, and some of the schools themselves. We will be using this when we talk to the children about the upcoming move.

The children are already familiar with sitting and listening for short periods of time, as they will need this skill in reception class. They know how to put up their hand to attract attention, or ask/ answer a question.

We would ask for your continued support in helping the children to dress/undress themselves, eat using a knife and fork (in the correct hands!)’ to remember to wash their hands after visiting the toilet, and before eating. The ability to recognise both their first and surnames, will be highly beneficial, and remove some of the possible stress which can be involved in finding their own things at school.

If your child expresses any anxiety, no matter how trivial their concerns may seem, we can support them by offering reassurance and lots of cuddles!