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October Newsletter

Posted in: Blog | October 2, 2017


October- longer nights, shorter days. Dark, often gloomy, grey skies, cold, wet weather. No one wants to do much, except curl up and think of summer. 

Not in preschool! We continue to make the days happy, bright and  full of adventure! 

This month we have had great fun learning about ‘ourselves.’ We have looked at our similarities, and our differences, and embraced them all with joy! Talk about fingerprints led us to create ‘fingerprint farmyards’, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We shared our family trees, comparing the number of people in our immediate families, and discussed the many titles bestowed on grandparents, including, ‘Nain and Taid’ for our Welsh grandparents. 

We spent some time, at the children’s request, comparing animal and human families, which led us on to a very interesting discussion on sharing, and valuing our familial differences. 

We have counted spiders and bats, ( well, Halloween is coming up!) learnt about Rama and Sita, made beautiful rangoli patterns and compared our reasons for using fireworks, to those used at Diwali. 

Yoga continues to be very popular, and we all, ( myself included!) join in. The children find it very relaxing, and we all benefit from the physical activity.

Colouring pumpkin pictures caused great excitement. We talked about how they grow, and looked at some very impressive carvings. Sadly, my pumpkin carving is restricted to producing a , usually lop-sided, toothy grin!

As Autumn progresses, we will continue to look at all the fantastic changes nature has in store for us.

Please may I remind you that naming the children’s clothing and bags, helps them enormously with their developing independence.