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Making transition easy for all! 

Posted in: Blog | August 24, 2018

If your child is joining us for the first time, either from home or another setting , we offer a warm, friendly welcome, which will make your child feel safe, secure and happy. You will meet your child’s key worker before the start date, and your child will be offered the opportunity to spend time meeting their future friends, for a short play session.  You will have time to talk through any concerns you may have, and we will aim to offer you reassurance that your child is coming to the best possible place, for the best possible introduction to EYFS education.

By the time we reach the final transition phase ( Preschool to Primary school), your child will have benefited from a fantastic experience, and will face the move with confidence and enthusiasm.

Transitioning from home to Baby Room.

This can be one of the most traumatic moves for parents. Here at Tiny Toes, we have an excellent reputation for making this experience calm, straightforward and, above all, as stress-free as possible! During your initial visit, you can leave your baby in the safe hands of our baby team; this allows you to view the setting at your own pace, and helps your baby get a first taste of the exciting world of Tiny Toes! 

When you join us, you will meet your baby’s key worker. She, along with the rest of the Baby Room team, will be your daily link. You will get daily, written reports, and of course, verbal feedback. Before you know it, you won’t be able to imagine your baby being cared for anywhere else, they, and you, will be calm, happy and so glad you chose Tiny Toes.

Transitioning to the main area.

The babies will already be familiar with the main area, the older children, and other staff members, as they make regular visits! When they move on to the Tiny Two’s, you will continue to receive daily reports and feedback, so things will continue smoothly. As the children grow, because they are used to being in the different areas of the setting, and to lots of interaction with the other members of staff, they move up with confidence and excitement.

The transition to preschool.

Moving to Preschool is probably the most exciting internal move the children will make at Tiny Toes. They are all familiar with the room, the preschool teachers, and the daily routine. In preschool, we build on everything the children have enjoyed since they began with us, building even more-confident, happy little learners!

The transition to primary school.

Preschool children come together regularly as a larger group, to play, eat, and to practice singing ready for our Christmas concert, and leaver’s graduation. This gives them the ‘assembly’ experience that they will have at Primary school. Being in a larger group holds no fears for our children! 

Once we know which schools the children will be attending, we begin to talk to the children about their upcoming move. We look at uniforms ( we have photos of many of the uniforms used in local schools), we talk about the school day, (our day in preschool offers a similar routine to that offered in Reception classes), and we answer any of their questions.

One of our Preschool teacher’s attends a transition meeting with reception teachers from the local area, and we welcome visits from these teachers, should they request them.

Of course, we are very happy to answer any of your questions! Talking to parents who have children whose siblings have already benefited from our transition period prior to primary school, agree they were well supported and their children transitioned easily and happily.