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Importance of Play In Child Development

Posted in: Blog | July 14, 2021

Importance of Play In Child Development

Did you know that children learn by having fun? When they engage in peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek, colouring and any other type of games, they learn to be more creative and use their imagination which helps them to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

That is how they learn about the world and themselves. Let’s look at how play can help your child to develop into a healthy individual.

1. It promotes brain development

According to scientists, the information that a child’s brain is exposed to during their early years builds the foundation for brain health growth. This information can be attained through fun and games as this stimulates a child’s creativity and allows them to stretch their imagination.

Our team at Tiny Toes understand these benefits and that is why we expose children in our care to both structured and unstructured playing.

For example, we let the children use letters of the alphabet to write their names. We also let them play on the slide and throw balls in the mini ball pool inside the Tiny Toes Toddler Room.

2. It promotes group interaction

When children play together, they learn what is acceptable behaviour and what they shouldn’t do. They learn about self-control, good manners, how to interact with one another peacefully, and how to consider other people’s feelings which are the foundation for social skills.

Social skills will enable them to have healthy interactions with other people in the different areas of life, from nursery up to when they become adults.

3. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Since play is fun for babies and is something they engage in because they love it, it makes them feel that they have control over that world. When children are allowed to play without any expectations other than having fun, it reduces stress and anxiety because they’re able to relax and just be themselves.

At Tiny Toes, we strive to provide the best childcare setting for play. We do that by letting the children rock on the horses, try to recognise the big animals on the walls and call out their names, and splash around in the water tray among other activities.

For the children at Tiny Toes preschool level, we let them add and subtract numbers, stick them on the alphabet tree, cut their currant buns and stick them in the right sequence among other games.

4. It promotes physical fitness

By engaging in fun and games, children become physically active. This is their form of exercise.

When children are physically active, they get strong muscles, have more bone density, keep their hearts healthy, and become more flexible which allows them to engage in daily activities.

It is important to ensure that your child engages in play whether they are at a day nursery like here at Tiny Toes, or at home where you can make it a part of after-school care.

Final Thoughts

We understand too well how important play is to a child’s development. That is why we have early years teachers who are equipped to handle children from 0 to 5 years and guide them through play activities appropriate for their specific ages. Play is fun and play is learning; that is what we believe at Tiny Toes.

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