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How To Teach A Child To Read – 5 Easy And Effective Steps

Posted in: Blog | January 29, 2022

How To Teach A Child To Read – 5 Easy And Effective Steps
According to recent studies, a lot of children learn to read when they are between 6 and 7 years old, which is usually when they are in the first or second grade. However, every child is different, and some start as early as four or five years old.

It is important to know that reading does not come naturally to children and so you need to help your child develop this skill. Below are five easy and effective steps on how to teach a child to read.

Sing children songs together: Clapping and reciting children’s songs might seem silly but it is an excellent way of bonding with a child, and helping them learn sounds and syllables from the words in the songs. Our early years teachers at Tiny Toes near Bramhall enjoy engaging the children at our day nursery in a lot of singing and sound games. This ensures they have fun and learn at the same time.

Read to them: This is the simplest way of helping a child learn how to read. You can start this as early as when they’re born. Of course, at this age, the goal is not to get a newborn baby to read but it instills in them the love for reading at a young age. Then as they grow up and go to nursery or school, they’ll start to recognize the words from the books you read to them. Some children even do it before then.

You can read them lullabies, rhyming books, alphabet books, short stories, or even books with lots of pictures.

If your child spends the day in a childcare setting, you can read to them when they come back home. In fact, you can make it an after-school care activity.

Focus on the first letter: Phonics plays a big role in helping children learn because it enables them to see the connection between letters and sounds. For example, you can tell them ‘A’ for apple or even go ahead to use a chart that clearly indicates the letter A and has an apple drawn beside it. It will be easier for them to learn this way because they’ll associate letter ‘A’ with apple as opposed to trying to remember what letter ‘A’ is. At Tiny Toes Children’s Day Nursery Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, we understand the importance of phonics and that is why we provide phonics sessions for our children in their final year at Tiny Toes Preschool.

Ask questions: Teaching a child to read is not all about you talking the whole way through and them listening. They’ll get bored if you do this. The key is to get them to actively participate, and you can do this by asking them questions. For example, after reading a page out loud, you can ask them what they think of the character, what they would feel if they were in that person’s shoes, what they think happened next (before you get to there), or even how they would like the story to end.

Practice patience: Even if you apply these tips, it is not a guarantee that a child will learn how to read the same day. That is why you need to be patient with them, be consistent and give them the space to learn.


Teaching a child to read doesn’t have to be stressful. You also don’t have to wait until they start school to do it. With these steps, this should be a fun and smooth journey. At Tiny Toes Children’s Day Nursery, Cheadle Hulme near Stockport, we support literacy from when children are in the Baby/ Toddler Unit, all the way through to preschool.