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How To Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Posted in: Blog | November 20, 2021

How To Prepare Your Child for Preschool
Starting preschool is a big change, not only for your child but only also for you. Both of you have
been used to spending the whole day together and now, you have to be away from each other
for several hours. This transition can be stressful for you and your child. However, here at Tiny
Toes Children’s Day Nursery we use tried and tested techniques to make it as smooth as
possible for everyone.
In this blog, we're going to talk about the strategies you can use to effectively prepare your child
for preschool.
Preparing your child for preschool
At Tiny Toes Cheadle Hulme we introduce children to preschool as early as 2 years old where
they get the benefit of being cared for by fully qualified Level 6 teachers.
Our teachers expose children to education early, through the use of play and structured
activities, helping to make learning fun and help build on developmental milestones, ready for
when the children start school.

Visit the preschool prior to your child joining it
Take some time and pass by the school with your child when it's in session so he or she can
see firsthand what happens there.
You can take a step further and introduce your baby to the teacher so they can be familiar with
each other. When they find caring and nurturing early years teachers like the ones that we have
here at Tiny Toes Cheadle Hulme, it will make them enthusiastic about starting big school, when
We encourage parents to take a tour of our setting/preschool so your child can see what it looks
like. Or you can view are virtual tour on our website, You might be surprised
when they get excited to play on the playground or look at the colourful charts in the classroom
or paintings around the school. This will let them know what to expect and relieve some of the
fear and anxiety they may have about joining preschool.
Read books with your child
There are so many books about joining preschool that you can read with your child to help them
think of school as a fun place where they can play, paint, sing, dance, and make new friends.

This will help them look forward to joining school. Examples of these books include; ‘Maisy goes
to preschool’ and ‘Preschool Day Hooray.’ Your child may relate to the characters in these
books who are either anxious, scared or excited about early years nursery or preschool.
Avoid over-preparing
In a bid to ensure your child is ready for preschool, it is easy to go overboard. However, this can
have a negative effect of making the child more anxious. For example, if you start telling your
child about joining preschool months or a year in advance, it may seem like such a big deal and
when they hear it over and over again, they may become more anxious about it.
Also, you don't need to have such a serious tone every time you talk about school or
overemphasize the rules; what will happen if they make a mistake or don't do as the teacher
says, and so on. You can bring up the topic a few weeks before they join the school and talk
about it casually and be enthusiastic about it. That’s how they also get excited about the school.

In Summary
It is normal to be anxious when your child is about to join preschool or any childcare setting. At
Tiny Toes Preschool, we understand this and that is why we've invested in a professional
dedicated, and nurturing team to help make the transition smoother. When you apply the tips
discussed, your baby will not only adjust quickly but also love being in preschool.

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