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How To Develop A Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

Posted in: Blog | June 24, 2021

How To Develop A Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

A study conducted on 244 individuals between the age of 19 to 28 revealed that although intelligence can help one to be successful, it is critical thinking that enables them to make good decisions and hence live betters lives.
Therefore, at Tiny Toes Children’s Day Nursery, this is a skill we believe is crucial for children to develop whilst at our nursery and during their early years of development, to give them great decision making skills when they grow up. The good news is that critical thinking can be develop based on results from the same study.
Tiny Toes Children’s Day Nursery have put together a list of the ways in which you can help your child to develop critical thinking skills.
1. Allow them to play

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” – Diane Ackerman
Our staff have recognised that it is during play that children learn the consequences of doing something. This is how they think, “What will happen if I sit on one side of a seesaw alone?” ‘Oh, so the seesaw will not balance and I will fall over?’ What if two of us sit on each side of it?” “Oh, it balances, so this is how we should do it?”
What if I put this brick on top of the other one, will it create a tower?”
Based on the effect they get, they’ll know what’s working and what they shouldn’t do next time. This teaches them to think and to try to identify what’s the best decision to make in different situations.
Here at Tiny Toes Children’s Day Nursery, we take play seriously. That is why we encourage our children to paint boxes in the garden even if they get dirty, to write on the wall using chalk, explore the tunnel and play on the push cars among other games. It is our way of nurturing their critical thinking skills. You can do the same with them at home.
2. Give them room to think
Let’s say you tell your child to count 1 to 10 then they get stuck at number 7. It is very tempting to tell them the next number is 8. However, when you do this, you take away their ability to figure it out on their own. At Tiny Toes Nursery, we encourage the children to learn independently through trial and error while always being their to assist when needed.
Similarly, if you tell them to build a house, don’t be so quick to jump to their rescue the minute they are stuck. Just pause and give them some time to think about their next action. This is how they improve their critical thinking skills.
3. Encourage reading
Books introduce children to new words that you normally don’t use when communicating with them. When they encounter these words elsewhere, they’ll be able to understand conversations or the situation at hand. According to theorists and researchers, having prior information about something is the foundation for critical thinking.
You can read the newspaper or stories together with your child and also allow them to read out single words or numbers if they can identify them in a book.

4. Allow them to ask questions
It seems like children always have a million questions and once you open that door, the questions keep coming. Tiny Toes Children’s Nursery, we can relate to this. However, the fact that a child is asking questions means that they are curious about the subject and their brain wants to understand it better so, indulge them.
In Summary

There are essential skills we can nurture in our children from an early age that can help them to be successful in life and critical thinking is one of them. If you’re wondering when to start develop this skill in your child, now’s the perfect time.

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