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December Newsletter 2017

Posted in: Blog | December 2, 2017

We have had a fantastic time this month. Everything has been festive, and fun! Even the weather helped, snow in December is always a bonus!

The children have, of course, become more excited with each passing day. Apologies if they have been more tired than usual in the evenings, but it’s impossible not to continue to fuel their enthusiasm!

Christmas craft has been a regular, daily activity. We have made lots of fabulous things, mainly glitter- embellished , such as cards, tree ornaments and pictures. 

We also had great fun making a snowman cake, which all of our friends enjoyed.

Songs rang out every morning, as we practised for our performances. I’m sure you will all agree, both concerts were magical. I immediately begin to feel ‘Christmassy’ when we have these shows. It is great to hear the children continue to sing, long after the event!

As part of our Christmas learning, we have been talking about the ‘spirit of Christmas’. We have thought about the importance of sharing, and of giving – both through material things, but especially kind words, hands and feet. All of the children responded really well to these ideas. 

This has been a lovely month. I have had a great time, helping the children with their activities, and watching the magic of Christmas shining in their faces.