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December Blog

Posted in: Blog | December 2, 2017

What an amazing Autumn term we have had !  We began by welcoming lots of new children, and some new staff, and ended it by all of us boarding the ‘ Santa Train!’

The children began the term learning about, ‘People who help us.’ Across the setting, songs about helpers rang out. Children dressed as doctors, nurses, police and fire officers. Tiny Two’s role-played ‘ Lollipop’ people, helping each other to cross roads safely. Preschool enjoyed a visit from a nurse, and we all agreed that we make nursery a great place, by always helping each other.

October’s theme, ‘Me and my family’, followed on nicely from our September theme. It was lovely to see the smiles of recognition on the faces of the babies and toddlers, as they looked at photos of their families, and saw their reflections in the mirrors. Pictures of our families, and self-portraits were drawn, coloured and painted by the older children. We learned about what makes us all special people, and shared our similarities and differences. Of course the highlight of October for lots of the children, is Halloween. How fantastic did the children look in their amazing costumes? Of course the staff, as always, joined in the fun, helping to make the experience even more special for the children.

In November, we looked at, ‘ My senses, and sensory exploration.’ This was a great month. Across the nursery, all of the children were encouraged to see, hear, taste, touch and smell an array of sensory stimuli. Lots of messy activities put huge smiles on the children’s faces.  Babies and toddlers played with textures, and Tiny Two’s had a brilliant time exploring colour and smell. One of my favourite activities, was Preschool 1’s ‘ smelly paintings.’ The children loved it! In Preschool 3, some of the children did ‘ blindfold painting.’ With their eyes covered, they had to access brushes, paint and paper with their eyes covers, then paint ‘blind,’ very messy, great fun! Others in Preschool 3 had to identify things inside partially inflated balloons, this caused much speculation! We also celebrated Diwali, making intricate rangoli patterns, and Bonfire night, with exciting firework pictures.

Finally, we come to the last month of this hectic and exciting term, December. Our theme of, ‘ Snow, ice and Christmas.’ Naturally, our main focus was on Christmas! This is the most magical time of the year for small children. Tiny Toes was be-decked with Christmas decorations and twinkly lights. The sound of Preschool learning songs for their concert, filled the air. Laughter and excited chatter from the children resounded throughout the nursery, as their excitement mounted. Tiny Toes staff are almost as keen on Christmas as the children, and the atmosphere was electric, as we all eagerly awaited the arrival of the man himself!

Working in education, we are incredibly lucky to be able to soak up the enthusiasm and sheer joy exuded by the children at this special time of year.

We all look forward to the Spring term, but won’t forget this Autumn term in a hurry!

Wishing you all a happy Christmas from Tiny Toes!