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Why choose Tiny Toes for your baby

Posted in: Blog | April 24, 2018

The most important person in your life, is your baby. The most important person in our Baby Room, is your baby! Under the leadership of our outstanding Baby Room Manager, Kate, our highly trained, caring, child-centred staff, flourish. Kate has a real desire to do the very best, not only for the babies in her care, but also for parents and staff.

Tiny Toes Baby Room has a low turnover of staff, which is very important for the children, and of course, for you as parents. Our staff consists of a mix of ages and experience who, under Kate’s expert guidance, work tirelessly toward making the lives of the babies in their care, as good as they possibly can be. It is the start they give your baby, that provides the firm foundation on which to build their future confidence and learning.

Excellent communication between staff and parents; at hand-over, via daily reports, and through photographic observations, ensure you will not miss out on the daily events in your child’s life.

The babies receive an abundance of cuddles and warmth during their days in the Baby Room. The staff chatter constantly to them, surrounding them in a rich tapestry of positive language. 

The clean, tidy environment, allows the babies to thrive, and encourages floor-play and lots of visual stimulation. The is lots of heuristic play- water play, messy, tactile and aural stimulation, all of which play a vital part in your child’s early development. It’s not unusual to walk past the Baby Room to see bubbles rising in the air, and even the youngest babies becoming entranced by them!

The staff make cards and pictures for special occasions, involving the children as they do so. Hands-on ( and feet, arms and legs!) activities, and age appropriate toys are an every-day part of Tiny Toes life in the Baby Room. Very importantly, the homely atmosphere, not an institutional one, prevails, making it the best possible day care centre for your baby.

Leaving your most important person in the safe, caring and child-centred hands of Tiny Toes Baby Room staff, is the next best thing to having them cared for at home!

  • Sue Ord Dip. HE BA English (Hons) 2:1 PGCE Tiny Toes EY Child Development  Specialist.