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The importance of teaching impulse control in children

Posted in: Blog | June 17, 2020

Impulse buying, eating, shouting! At some point we have all acted on impulse. There’s even a (dubious!) perfume named ‘Impulse!’ suggesting impulse is a desirable quality. By definition, impulse is, ‘ a sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act.’ The questions are, is impulsive behaviour a desirable quality,…


Are children naughty?

Posted in: Blog | June 5, 2020

Sharon K Hall PhD, author of ‘ Raising kids in the 21st century’ says, “When you make your expectations clear from the time your children are toddlers, they internalise those expectations and begin to expect the same from themselves.” She believes that, “from around 18 months old, they are empathetic…


Parent Partnership enterprise, BBC studios visit

Posted in: News | September 9, 2019

Have you heard the news??? At TinyToes, we are huge advocates of the Parent Partnership enterprise. Sharing our experiences between home and nursery provide all of us, carers, parents, and children, with invaluable learning and bonding opportunities. As part of our Parent Partnership, we invite parents of our preschool children…


Children and the digital world. How much is too much?

Posted in: Blog | October 1, 2018

Lots of us remember the excitement of ICT lessons at school. Being given access to a computer was thrilling. Initially, school ICT lessons were basically word-processing lessons, then, almost overnight (or so it seemed) schools were introducing the joys of the internet and WWW.  IT is now an intrinsic part…


Making transition easy for all! 

Posted in: Blog | August 24, 2018

If your child is joining us for the first time, either from home or another setting , we offer a warm, friendly welcome, which will make your child feel safe, secure and happy. You will meet your child’s key worker before the start date, and your child will be offered…


 Moving on to ‘big’ school!

Posted in: Blog | July 24, 2018

At Tiny Toes, we pride ourselves on helping our children develop a sense of well-being. We actively work towards the development of their self-esteem, ability to relate well to others, to become competent and confident communicators, and to be efficient and independent individuals.  Our children feel safe at Tiny Toes….


Is competition amongst children healthy?

Posted in: Blog | June 24, 2018

None of us likes to lose. It can make us feel; sad,unhappy, miserable, dent our self-confidence, feel angry and a failure. Children feel these things even more intensely than adults. However, we are all, at some stage in our lives, going to lose at a competition, or fail at a…


Does it benefit small children to be multi- lingual?

Posted in: Blog | May 24, 2018

In October 2014, the Daily Telegraph covered an article on European children’s ability to converse fluently in English. It stated that research findings indicate that it is incredibly beneficial for children to be introduced to foreign languages by the age of three years.  ‘Longitudinal studies by Harvard University, confirm that…


Why choose Tiny Toes for your baby

Posted in: Blog | April 24, 2018

The most important person in your life, is your baby. The most important person in our Baby Room, is your baby! Under the leadership of our outstanding Baby Room Manager, Kate, our highly trained, caring, child-centred staff, flourish. Kate has a real desire to do the very best, not only for the babies in…


The importance of teaching listening skills.

Posted in: Blog | February 2, 2018

In 2012, Michael B. Gilbert published an article entitled, ‘I know you can hear me, but are you listening?’ In it, he suggests that, ‘ listening as a language skill is widely required in instructional settings at every level.’ In other words; in order to communicate effectively, to retain the maximum…


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