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Children and the digital world. How much is too much?

Posted in: Blog | February 18, 2021

Children and the digital world. How much is too much? Lots of us remember the excitement of ICT lessons at school. Being given access to a computer was thrilling. Initially, school ICT lessons were basically word-processing lessons, then, almost overnight (or so it seemed) schools were introducing the joys of…


Visual discrimination in reading and writing.

Posted in: Blog | January 5, 2021

‘A knowledge of letter names is a predictor of learning to read’. (Jean Noel Foulin) It is essential that children recognise that each letter has more than one graphic shape, namely in upper and lower-case letter form, and that each letter has a name and a sound. For example, D…


Triple the learning, triple the fun!

Posted in: Blog | December 12, 2020

Welcome to a new academic year here at Tiny Toes. Those of you who are new to us will be giving your child the best possible start to their educational journey. Those of you who are established at Tiny Toes will already know how good we are! The majority of…


Moving on to ‘big’ school!

Posted in: Blog | November 29, 2020

At Tiny Toes, we pride ourselves on helping our children develop a sense of well-being. We actively work towards the development of their self-esteem, ability to relate well to others, to become competent and confident communicators, and to be efficient and independent individuals.   Our children feel safe at Tiny Toes….


The importance of circle-time throughout the nursery

Posted in: Blog | November 7, 2020

It could be argued that King Arthur invented the very first circle-time! He chose a round table to engender feelings of equality amongst his Knights, during meetings and planning sessions. Circle-time for us, serves much the same purpose- to show the children that everyone is a valued and important member…


The Tiny Toes guide to teaching phonics

Posted in: Blog | October 23, 2020

‘…now I know my ABCs, next time sing-a-long with me!’ Actually, please don’t! We’ve all found ourselves singing mindlessly along to this, at the request of the children. There is no point in singing this song, especially for nursery children, and only leads to literary confusion. They don’t understand it,…


Developing fine motor skills!

Posted in: Blog | October 5, 2020

As mentioned in previous blogs, we can’t expect our children to handle and use scissors and pencils correctly and safely, if we have not helped them develop the necessary strength in their fingers and hands. We have seen how brilliant play dough is as a muscle builder. Pulling, pushing, stretching…


Does it benefit small children to be multi- lingual?

Posted in: News | September 16, 2020

In October 2014, the Daily Telegraph covered an article on European children’s ability to converse fluently in English. It stated that research findings indicate that it is incredibly beneficial for children to be introduced to foreign languages by the age of three years. ‘Longitudinal studies by Harvard University, confirm that…


Are rhymes and story-telling important factors in the development of literacy?

Posted in: News | September 7, 2020

Early literacy is not all about reading and writing. It is about speaking and listening, and without developing strong speaking and listening skills, future progress in reading and writing will be weaker. Recent research into the development and acquisition of early literacy skills has conclusively shown that rhythm and rhyme…


Tiny Toes Weekly Highlight

Posted in: News | July 6, 2020

This video showcases a small range of activities that the children do while at nursery. We have a plethora of resources that the staff use daily, to create amazing sensory activities for the children. The staff come up with creative ways for the children to use everyday objects and incorporate…


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