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Best Practice Tips – Running Indoors

Posted in: Blog | April 1, 2021

Children are programmed to move at speed. Their natural exuberance decrees getting from A to B in the fastest time possible, is key to a happy life. But is it really?
Seeing children running happily and freely, is a brilliant thing to watch, especially in an outdoor area, or a safe area, such as the ball pool. Running indoors however, is completely different.

In the main area, the children are too small to be able to see over the dividing walls. There have been accidents where children running in this area, especially to and from the dining room, have collided with another child coming from the opposite direction. Bumped heads are never good! Adults carrying trays of hot food or drink, present a real risk if children are charging about the area. It is up to us, to teach the children the importance of walking in indoor areas.

Every indoor area presents a risk. Children running in contained indoor areas can fall onto furniture, causing injury, or crashing into other children, resulting in double pain! Teaching the children the importance of moving around any area, especially indoors, with care is not spoiling their fun, or curbing their natural exuberance, rather, it is keeping them safe, and teaching them how to keep themselves, and others, safe.

Reminding the children to walk, not run indoors, and to encourage them to move safely outdoors, is our responsibility. At Tiny Toes, we encourage our children to run free, and run safe!

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