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Reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give…

Posted in: Blog | October 24, 2018

(To be inserted after ; ‘helping their imagination develop.’)

Sharing a book is not the same as reading to your child. To get the best benefits possible, ‘shared reading’ should be just that, ‘shared.’ From the youngest baby, talking to them about the pictures, running your index finger under words as you read them, always moving from left to right, altering vocal pitch and tone, draws the child into the shared experience. As they get older, ask them to predict what might happen next. Ask why they think this, build up the anticipation- are they correct? Encourage them to ‘read’ the pictures, so they can help tell the story. These experiences of sharing books are invaluable, and pleasurable.

(To be inserted after; ‘ warm, cosy sofa.’)

When you’ve finished reading, ( certainly in November) you may have to leave your warm and cosy hearth, to celebrate!

November, being the month for both Guy Fawkes night, and Diwali, is a time for lights, colours and fireworks. At Tinytoes, we shall be talking to the children, not only about the reasons behind these celebrations, but also how to keep safe. We will remind the children to stay close to an adult, well back from bonfires, and never to touch fireworks. We look forward to sharing the children’s excitement, and hearing all about their fun, safe, experiences with fireworks!