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Parent Partnership enterprise, BBC studios visit

Posted in: News | September 9, 2019

Have you heard the news???

At TinyToes, we are huge advocates of the Parent Partnership enterprise. Sharing our experiences between home and nursery provide all of us, carers, parents, and children, with invaluable learning and bonding opportunities.

As part of our Parent Partnership, we invite parents of our preschool children to share with us their experiences at work. We are so lucky to have such obliging parents!

One such visit took place in August, when Tiernan’s mum, Aisling, came to talk to us about her role at the BBC. She types up everything the newsreaders read to camera, so she plays a vital role in the delivery of the news.

To accompany her talk to the children, Aisling showed us a fascinating video, made in the BBC studios at Salford Quays, which you can view on this page.

In the video, we see our very own Tiernan, reading the TinyToes news! The set had been be-decked with photos of some of our preschool children, and Tienan did an outstanding job of telling us the news. He then delivered the weather forecast in a very professional manner!

We had a brief video tour of the studio, followed by a visit to ‘mission control’, otherwise known as the production room, where we were introduced to the producer of the news, and also met some of the on-screen personalities.

We hope you enjoy watching the video, and sharing with us just one aspect of the many brilliant experiences we share with our parents and children as part of our Parent Partnership, here at TinyToes.