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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Toddler

Posted in: Blog | January 5, 2022

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Toddler

Did you know that having a secure relationship with your child can help them develop emotionally and strengthen their social and cognitive skills? This is true and it also opens up the opportunity for them to have healthy relationships with others.

Children grow up so fast. You blink and they are no longer the tiny child you were holding in your arms. This is why it’s important to build this relationship with them from a young age before they’re all grown up and don’t see the need.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the ways you can strengthen your relationship with your toddler.

Tell them you love them. You might think your babies automatically know you love them but it’s important for them to hear those words from you. I cannot count the number of times in a day my daughter tells me, ‘Mummy I love you’ and I also say it frequently to a point where it has become our thing. I feel this makes us closer.

Be affectionate towards them. There are little gestures you can do to show your child that you love them. For example, you can hug or kiss them or even brush their hair while spending time together. Our early years teachers at Tiny Toes Cheadle Hulme genuinely care about the children in our day nursery and we express this by always greeting them with hugs and smiles and showing them positive attention.

Have fun together. If there’s one thing children love doing is having fun. When you join them as they get silly, play dress up, hide and seek, paint, build stuff, run around, throw balls, or do other fun things, they’ll want to spend more time with you. It will also make them feel connected with you, as you are physically and emotionally present with them. At Tiny Toes near Bramhall, we ensure our children have a lot of fun through playing piano, singing, jumping on the trampoline, having drama classes, and playing in the Tiny Toes toddler room among other things.

Create family traditions. Building family traditions will give your child a sense of belonging. These don’t have to be complicated things, just find something you can do regularly. For example, you can say Saturdays are for pancakes and you have fun making them or family members can commit to talking about their day during dinner.

Listen to them. Children sometimes have a lot going on in their heads because they don’t process things the way adults do. That is why it’s important to listen to them in order to understand any worries they may have. You can take it a step further and ask them questions that push them to respond with more than a yes or no. If they spend most of the day at school or a nursery, when they come home, sit with them and ask how their day was. They may go into more details than you had anticipated – be patient and let them talk. This will make them feel like they can come to you with anything and you’ll give them a listening ear, thus strengthening your relationship.


A strong relationship with your child doesn’t come automatically, you have to cultivate it. You can do so by telling them and showing them that you love them, listening to them, having fun together and coming up with traditions that make you feel more connected as a family. These tips apply to whether you spend the whole day with your child or if they spend part of their day in a childcare setting. We hope these tips will help to strengthen your relationship with your toddler.